International Women's Day

It may seem ironic, seeing as I wrote an album called How To Ruin Your Life With Women, but I would still like to wish everyone a happy International Women's Day. Pretty much everything good that has happened to me in my life is a direct result of the kindness of women everywhere. I truly get by with a little help from my female friends. 

International Women's Day is an opportunity to respect, love and appreciate all women, but also a time to understand and recognize crucial contributions and social achievements made by women.

In celebration of this, I would like to point out someone who I believe had a major social impact and gets almost no credit. Rachel Carson is the author of the book Silent Spring, which basically was the singular opposing force to the pesticide DDT in the late 60's. If this women was never born and this book was never written the current species and habitats in North America would have been very different today. Thanks Rachel.

Happy International Women's Day!