I love house shows. They are an intimate way to enjoy a concert, keep costs low for audience members and support an independent Canadian artist. A house concert eliminates the stage and allows for a more interactive experience between guests and the artist.
If you would like to host a concert or chat more about it, please drop me a line at tannerjamesbooking@gmail.com

Here’s how house concerts work 

  • Guests:  As the host/ess you will invite the guests into your home for the concert.  10-15 is the smallest group that makes this work, and the largest group that works is about 40 (it depends on the size of the room you’ll do this in).  
  • Seating?:  You should have a room in your house that will fit the guests, seated.  Couches, chairs, kitchen chairs, floor, & cushions become the audience seating.  It doesn’t need to be fancy, just somewhere comfortable to sit.
  • Do I need a sound system?: No - you don’t. I have a small P.A. and microphones that work well for small spaces. It is a pretty simple set-up, usually just an acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals and plenty of stories.
  • The Performance:  Typical start time for the music is 8pm.  You usually invite guests to arrive after 7.  The music is in two 45 minute sets with a break between.  This allows for a decent end time and for socializing afterwards.
  • Drinks/Snacks: Most house concert hosts request that guests bring their own drinks and snacks. Some hosts provide. 
  • Creating your guest list:  guests are people you know:  friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, people from your sports team or choir, or whatever.  You will usually find that find 30 people is pretty easy.
  • What is the cost to host a concert:  There is actually no cost to you.  The house concert tradition sees guests pay their admission to the show like they would in any other venue. I ask for $15 per-guest and ask the host to be responsible for ensuring at least 10 people and to collect admission. I also ask to be able to offer merchandise for sale after the show
  • House concerts are for listening: These are not house parties and it is crucial that guests listen during the performances. They are kept short so plenty of time is left for socializing. About 30% of my set is for storytelling which helps keep guests attention for the set. It usually works best if this is mentioned before the show by the host.