Album Credits and Thank You's

We took a minimalist approach to my album art and didn't include any text. Here are some of the people I feel I should thank.


This record started as essays that got crafted into pop songs played on an acoustic guitar. They grew from there.


Thanks to Lorrie Matheson for producing, engineering, arranging, organizing and being such a big part of the record. It was a pleasure doing so many lunches together and shooting the shit.


Calin Yablonski does all my album art, always. He also lets me sleep on his couch when I’m not on tour and pays 80% of all our bar tabs and throws lavish going away parties. He’s a good guy, thanks.


Keith Skrastins ponders life with me, has my back and takes my pictures. The Picasso of the camera. Thanks for everything man.


Thanks to Sam Murdock for listening to endless demo’s and wildly ambitious dreams and encouraging me every step of the way.


Thanks to my parents for the eternal support. Sorry I'm not a successful business man or a rancher, or, at the very least producing grandchildren.


Thanks to my sister,Lindy, for bringing so many friends to so many shows and always being willing to help.


Paige Tyson is my Emmylou. If you hear a girl singing it’s almost always her. She’s timeless.


Craig Florence played in my all-time favorite band, The Rocky Fortune. He played half the drums on this album. It was my dream come true to have one of my favorite musicians play on the record. I saw Craig’s old punk rock band, Darryl’s Grocery Bag, play when I was 15. It changed my life. If it wasn’t for Craig I would be a happily married, real-estate agent in the burbs. “I’d rather be broke and live on a stage”


Connor Muth is one of the best drummers in Calgary right now. He played the other half of the album. I know he needed the money but he refused to take any payment. That’s rock n roll. You are a champ!


Other people played on this record. It’s been so long I can’t remember exactly who. An old man played the pedal steel, some cool cats played horns and some top-notch session bass player stepped in and covered the fat strings.


Thanks to Cole Paget, Rob Wikstrom and Dylan Keating and the million other Nix Dicksons. It was a hell of a legend we built and I’m glad that I have that band as my foundation. It's slightly more sober now but half as much fun.


Thanks to Mal Dunphy for the endless support as well as Mike Schwarz, Cale Zebedee, Adam, Chad, blah blah blah. You know who you are....Yes, I’m talking about you Alonso, Blair, Suze, Chase, Justine, Curtis, Arron, Murph, Dave, Jordy, Sean, Kait, Jenny, Andy, Laura, Andrea, etc etc. Thanks.


Finally, to the women of the album. I exploited you for the sake of the story. I hope you are okay with that. I do hope the songs find you well. They are my side of the story. Feel free to write an album called, How To Ruin Your Life With Tanner. Thanks for letting me move on...Truce???