Road Regrets (Episode 1) 

Way back in 2015, while on the Great North Tour, Dylan and I decided to try our hand at a podcast. We bought a microphone form Best Buy and planned to attempt to record 3 episodes and then return the microphone for a money back guarantee (gotta love those corporate chain stores return policy). 

We did just that, added our episodes to Soundcloud and then forgot about it all. Just after the Great North Tour 2016 we decided to try another episode. Dylan has just moved away to go to school in Montreal. I thought I would post all four episodes of the podcast for your amusement. 

The audio quality is mediocre and we don't know what the f$%ck we are doing, but that's part of the charm. I plan to make the podcast a monthly endeavour. It's a medium I'm fascinated with and I would like to move ahead with this. I figure I will place all four episodes of Road Regrets up, and remove them once I re-brand and re-launch the new podcast. 

Recorded June 2015